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How to Skin a Ghost

by Gypsy Death Star

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1. Throwing Hail Marys Hello, the hell with what you’re told, if you’re strung out we’ll spin you gold, I’ll rip the needle from your arm and sew up the tracks so you can’t go back, get back I’ll watch you, get back I’ll wash you, I’ll drag both of your feet through every damn ocean, until it is for certain that you are born again, an I’ll run this one for you. I’ll try my best is never a promise, I’ll be throwing hail marys till I’m dead and buried if heaven gets hot then we’ll stick together, moths to the flame, two birds of a feather, two birds. And I’ll run this one for you, I’ll take all of the chances I’ll sort through the madness, I’ll shoot at the moon till it’s light finds you.
Caboose 04:16
2. Caboose My feet in the clouds, head’s underground, everyone around me asks me how I get so down, I twist it real tight, shimmy little loose till I’m the engineer and dear you’re my caboose, if you got the looks I’ve got the smarts you got the balls I got the heart, we could be sweeter than a Kool-Aid smile, we could get harder than a crocodile, our love’s like the waves the bigger they are the harder they fall, don’t know what I’ve done right, all that I know is what I’ve done wrong. It’s business up front, party in the back, scenesters in middle giving hipsters heart attacks, if you got the crime, I got the motive, got the sunshine if you got the lotion, our loves like the waves the more that you drink you turn into salt, I don’t care where you’ve been all that I want is where you are now. My feet in the clouds head’s underground, everyone around me asks me how I get so down, our loves like the waves the bigger they are the harder they break.
Shake Down 05:07
3. Shakedown You don’t know my name, some day you’ll scream it out, you know I got your number I’m gonna call it out, the holy dove’s your face you flew into my eyes you got me hypnotized, you got me, I got the shakedown honey all I can do to keep falling for you. Innocence is lust lonely lovers die, throw me to the winds roll me with the dice, hold me in contempt, kill me with your eyes, never let me go, catch me by surprise, you only do whatever you please, you don’t know what you do to these knees.
4. Wax & Wane (Warrior Mix) In the sun, mellow is the winter on my pillow heavy head, yellow is the blue bird turn to green bird, we’ll be friends.
5. Werewolf Heart You can be the beauty. I’ll be the beast, I wanted to tame you but I’d settle just for release, so please, please appease me, you can be the silver bullet in this werewolf heart, show where the beast begins and the man he stops, so please, please kill me to save yourself, don’t set me off. Did you catch me in the middle of my metamorphosis, don’t look at me with that tone of voice, you can be the beauty, I’ll be the beast, please, please don’t set me off.
6. Heavenly Asylum Shoot at the moon like mad children searching for some lost civilization, like mad children we’ll shoot at the moon till some light finds your face, some light fills your soul, and you’ll float up to the heavenly bodies, you’ll fly to the heavenly bodies where you belong.
Ghost Skin 06:44
7. Ghost Skin And I’d breath under water for you, I’d let you skin my ghost alive, twist my crooked arm but my stubborn mind just won’t change, buried my fiery heart in a cold tin can, shipped my heavy soul off to outer space, painted my face black and teal and tan, hid out for a while and I hissed at the moon took me all night but I finally got it to come down, nothing better to do so I proceeded to howl at the sun took me all day but it turned my skin nice and brown, nice and golden brown. Stood atop a hill, watched every last star fall down, and I’d breath under water for you.
Wax & Wane 03:59
8. Wax & Wane Wax & wane, planets long for Zion, in the sun, mellow is the winter on my pillow heavy head, yellow is the blue bird turn to green bird, we’ll be friends in the sun, Ambrosia


released December 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Gypsy Death Star San Buenaventura (Ventura), California

“Gypsy Death Star” illumines the way for the future of intelligent dance music. The collaborative vision of producer Cesar Augusto & vocalist Wyatt Hull has more than pleased their burgeoning fan base, mixing a blend of ambient electronic with schizophrenic vocals, to deliver a one-of-a-kind sound. ... more

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